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10 Top Foods To Take Before Diving

10 Top Foods to Take Before Diving

Ever feel famished after a dive? We’ve all been there. As with any physical activity, the food you put in your body before a dive can be essential in creating much needed energy and stamina to keep you feeling strong and alert during your dive.

Plan your pre-dive meals like you plan your dive. Because a doughnut and coffee for breakfast won’t cut it on dive days, we’ve come up with a list of pre-dive power foods.

Bananas are good for calories and cramps. Apples are good because they have more fiber than most fruits. Combined with the natural sugar, the energy gained from apples will last longer than other sugary produce.

Scrambled, poached, or boiled—no matter how you eat them, they’ll provide protein and power that you’ll need to compensate for the extra calories you’ll burn while diving.

Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids are some of the best things to eat before a dive. The high amount of protein keeps you from feeling hungry again. The vitamins in salmon help your body convert food into energy. But, remember – when making any seafood decisions, it’s important to ensure that seafood has been caught or farmed in a sustainable manner.

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